An American Singer-Songwriter From New Orleans

Sarah Quintana is a singer-songwriter from New Orleans with a background in folk and jazz music. A committed composer and instrumentalist, and charming performer, Sarah Quintana was born and raised on the Mississippi River delta in New Orleans–a place known for having a diverse and rich cultural heritage as well as natural resources. She uses her music to pay tribute to the fragility and strength of Louisiana’s environment and traditions. The Delta Demitasse, Sarah Quintana’s latest work, is a series of videos and music produced by Kat Sotelo at A Studio in the Woods and partially financed by Commonwealth Financial. The work debuted in New Orleans in November 2013 at the Contemporary Arts Center and is available on CD BABY and DVD. Sarah Quintana’s background is rich in roots music–cajun, blues, and folk–and she incorporates this with a little twist into her music and interpretation of the classics. Sarah Quintana is best known for her vocal range and style. However, Quintana’s first love is the guitar. A guitar, being a harmonic instrument, is ideal for singing jazz and this was helpful when she was just beginning to sing. Sarah Quintana attended NOCCA where she studied jazz and later honed her musical talent by working with French and American Musicians. Presently, Sarah Quintana divides her time between France and New Orleans and La Companie Nine Spirit with Raphael Imbert, the lead saxophonist. Sarah Quintana also tours with American and French artists in a variety of jazz formations. They work together on a wide repertoire of French, folk, jazz, Americana, compositions, and standards. Sarah Quintana has also studied the Roy Hart vocal technique under Kaya Anderson and Linda Wise and is a Pantheater member.

About one decade ago, Sarah Quintana was splitting her time between gigs here at home and in France. Her first local performance was at The Spotted Cat. It was during her first show that Sarah Quintana determined that she would pursue a career in music and be part of the culturally rich New Orleans music scene. In 2012, Sarah Quintana released her debut album, The World Has Changed. She later received an artist residency at A Studio in the Woods and this allowed her to grow significantly as a musician. During her residency at A Studio in the Woods, Sarah Quintana explored the dynamics between sound and water in The Delta Demitasse. Sarah Quintana later released Miss River, her subsequent album produced by Dave Glasser and Mark Bingham, which she performed in some of the most coveted venues in New Orleans. Throughout her music career, Sarah Quintana has done her best to create fantastic music and her journey is proof that hard work pays.

Sarah Quintana celebrated the release of Miss River at Preservation Hall, in an event that was magical. The timing for the album’s release was fantastic. It was just between Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, transitioning smoothly to spring and summer events. Miss River had significant influence from Sarah Quintana’s overseas tours where she encountered various artists who helped her grow musically. Sarah Quintana did 2 tours with a band in France, and a three-month contract comprising seventy-two shows with a booking agent to perform Louisiana music in theatres during the evening and in schools. In doing so, Sarah Quintana learned a great deal about the music industry. The journey also saw Sarah Quintana recommit to her goals regardless of the unknowns.