Incorporating the Nature to the Songs

It is very exciting to take something organic such as rain and water, and recreating it into something so structured such as a song. Sarah Quintana sees art, math, geometry, and nature as mirroring itself, so she didn’t struggle a lot with coming up with creative ideas. It was not at all surprising that the Mississippi River had already been incorporated to the rhythm of various popular songs. When you begin a conversation about the Mississippi Delta area, you are likely to begin the conversation with some of the original spirituals, work songs, Lead Belly, as well as other pioneers of American music and blues. It’s pretty heavy stuff and Sarah Quintana has a great appreciation for African-American culture and the influence it has had on the music industry.

In order to capture water current rhythms, Sarah Quintana purchased a hydronic online. A hydronic is a military-grade microphone that is popular with people who like to record whale songs. When Sarah Quintana acquired the hydronic, she used it at a variety of river depths to see which depth created the sound she was looking for. She discovered that the closer you get to the banks, the more rhythmic the tracks become. The further away you move from the bank, the more you begin to pick up industrial-type sounds and sounds of water vessels rumbling. However, it is still all found in the River.

Miss River features a quote about hope, stating that it does not matter how you got where you are, as long as you understand where you are in relation to where you are headed. This quote is a bit sneaky and was inspired by her time as a resident. During Sarah Quintana’s residency, she had a very special relationship with Lucianne Carmichael. One day, as Sarah Quintana woke up to capture the sounds of raindrops and birds, she saw Lucianne Carmichael on her words and she uttered the words on the quote to her. At the moment, it seemed like a random quote. However, the more Sarah Quintana thought about it, the more she realized that it was an integral part of life and the creative process. Sometimes when you are doing all you can to achieve forward momentum, things might seem a little overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like you are a little hummingbird trying to put out a fire with only a beakful of water. However, it is astounding the number of small miracles that occur when you reflect on the moment and discover your current position and where you are heading.

When Sarah Quintana is not performing or writing she enjoys Jivamukti Yoga. This is quite a delightful way to relax a person’s mind. The Jivamukti Tribe is a close relative of the Ashtanga Yoga and features a significant animal rights component. They are well-known vegan yogis. Sarah Quintana also offers private voice lessons to people who are beginning their musical journey to help them grow artistically.